Definitions of important terms that will help you on your journey towards getting acquainted with the MiX Asset Manager solution.

SaaS - software as a service

Asset - any mobile or fixed piece of equipment that generates revenue across a variety of sectors.

Live tracking - locate your assets anywhere and in real-time.

Historical tracking - tracks detailed information on your assets, from movement to distance and odometer events.

Trip timeline - utilisation, events and movement information.

Familiar interface - the MiX portal to access all data about your assets.

MiX Tabs - a wireless locator that tracks the last known location of an asset.

Oyster / Remora - accesses historical movements of your assets.

AT1340 - highly accurate and real-time data of your assets.

SDK - software development kit for third-party integration.

Flexible hardware - a variety of asset tracking devices to suit different assets.

Wired device - a MiX asset manager device with a dedicated power source.

Solar-powered device - for non-electronic devices (no need for a power source).

Asset info - track info like reminders, periodic certifications and fuel data.

MiX Insight reports - various reports about your assets.

JSE - Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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