Electronic Work Diaries


This MiX Telematics compliance solution can replace your Written Work Diaries (WWD) with an approved, digital Electronic Work Diary (EWD), to meet all your legal requirements.

Real-Time Electronic Work

Keep Your Drivers Safe and Compliant with Chain of Responsibility Regulations.
The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) law ensures that everyone who works with heavy vehicles – from the business that employs a driver, to the place where goods are delivered – is accountable for safety.

Recording driver work hours is now easier than ever with Electronic Work Diaries. MiX Telematics has partnered with Logmaster EWD solution which is used to record work and rest times of heavy vehicle drivers electronically, which can be used as an alternative to Written Work Diaries.
Drivers simply log their work and rest periods by pressing a button on the invehicle driver screen, saving time in their day from reduced manual paperwork.

MiX Telematics has partnered Logmaster EWD to record the work and rest times of heavy vehicle drivers electronically. This joint compliance solution is easy to use, keeps drivers compliant, and helps to reduce fatigue-related accidents.
Drivers simply log their work and rest periods by pressing a button on the in-vehicle driver screen, saving time in their day previously spent updating their Written Work Diaries

Logmaster EWD is approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, ensuring fatigue compliance across the entire fleet. Managers can now check, plan and review driver work schedules in real-time, in line with Australian Fatigue Schemes.

Key Benefits

  • Provide peace of mind for management
  • Proactively prevent fatigue breaches
  • Improve safety & compliance
  • Manage Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations
  • Prompt for break if stationary

Key Features

Key Features - Access driver records

Access driver records

  • Fit to drive, built-in as standard

Full Statistics

  • Know when you can work and rest
  • Track your night rests and 24-hour rest breaks
  • Card-based design to detail each counting point
Key Features - Access driver records
Key Features - Manage Drivers

Manage Drivers

  • Direct linked driver
  • Contractor drivers
  • Manual drivers (coming soon)

Depot Management

  • Link drivers, roles, users, and vehicles to your depot structure
Key Features - Depot Management
Key Features - Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

  • Link vehicles to the application

Billing Options

Solo Full-time

Solo subscriptions to keep you on the road.
Automatically email your records to you record keeper.


Linked to a business paying the bill, no hassle to the driver.

Solo Prepaid

If you don’t drive often, pre-paid days last you a year and come in a single pack.
Never get caught on the road without your diary again.

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