GPS tracking
for fleets

Real-time monitoring of your drivers and vehicles

Connect and protect your fleet

Get full visibility of all fleet activities with expertly installed hardware that monitors movements on a map in both real-time and historically. Gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data by simply logging on to an easy-to-navigate online platform - via your laptop or phone.

View detailed, customisable reports on crucial fleet data including asset utilisation, driving hours, driving events (including speeding and idling), fuel consumption, maintenance, licensing and much more.

With the data that GPS fleet tracking offers, you can:

    Reduce accident risk within your fleet by observing unsafe driving behaviours.
    Detect over- or underutilisation of vehicles and equipment.
    Recover stolen vehicles or other assets more easily.
    Identify misuse of company property.
    Lower insurance and operational costs (such as fuel consumption).
    Improve customer service provision through improved route planning.

Tracking Solutions

Plug ‘n Play


An easy-to-use plug ‘n play device that you can self-install. Track fleet activities and get daily notifications about fleet performance to manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and more.

  • Connect device to OBDII port with easy installation
  • One flat subscription fee
  • No installation cost

App-Based Tracking Solution

MyMiX Tracking

Accurately track your fleet drivers’ behaviours and movements using only an app. All the benefits of a full-featured tracking solution with no hardware installation required.

  • No hardware needed
  • Self-installation with no downtime
  • Companion driver engagement app available

Asset Tracking

Wired and Wireless Solutions

Locate your most valued assets and equipment using either wired or wireless trackers. See when an asset is on the move, set geographic boundaries to avoid misuse and theft, and monitor operating hours and fuel usage.

  • Distance- and event-based reminders
  • Live and historical movement tracking
  • Plan day-to-day operations ahead of time

Immediate safety and cost-saving outcomes

Fuel Saving
Maintenance Cost
Collision Reduction
Insurance Reduction
Productivity Improvement

What our customers have to say

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