Analyse, predict and optimise operational productivity and efficiency

Companies have been investing in intelligent fleet technology to streamline procedures and boost operational productivity and efficiency

in times of greater competitiveness, where even minor variations may be the decisive factor in a business’s success.

Here are some of the examples of how fleet telematics can be used to improve operational efficiency and reap the associated cost savings:

  • Increased workflow and productivity: Telematics facilitates real time route planning, delivery and scheduling. There is an added focus on reducing mileage through optimised route diverting, the provision of superior customer service through proximal job allocation as well as the automation of administrative tasks to further reduce overhead costs. Additionally, drivers benefit from the added support and safety, whilst the business experiences fuel, time and resource savings.
  • Optimised vehicle utilisation: Pre-emptively managing licensing and practising predictive maintenance results in a reduction in vehicle wear-and-tear, vehicle downtime, workplace accidents and claims. Additionally, a greater In-depth fleet visibility allows for surplus vehicles to be reallocated or even disposed of.
  • Driver behaviour management: Drivers can be effectively identified, tracked, trained and monitored according to predetermined safety parameters with telematics. This helps improve overall safety, fuel economy, carbon emissions as well as mitigates potential liabilities.
  • Increased driver engagement: Involving staff in the process of analysing telematics will aid in addressing both their immediate and impending concerns, allowing for pre-emptive troubleshooting and quick resolution. Empowering staff by recognising their efforts in bettering their on-road performance, you can improve overall job satisfaction and staff retention rates.

Whether you’re a fleet of 5 or 5000, there are many ways to interpret and utilise telematics data that will increase operational efficiencies. When a fleet is properly equipped for optimal asset utilisation, the result is a guaranteed increase in profitability.

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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