What’s keeping Fleet Managers awake at night?

According to a recent report published online*, the number 1 concern keeping Fleet Managers awake at night is driver scarcity and retention.

Just over 100 Fleet Managers were interviewed via an in-depth survey, which revealed the top seven concerns as follows:

  1. Driver and technician shortage/retention
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  4. Declining equipment usage
  5. Fluctuating fuel prices
  6. Freight rate fluctuations
  7. The economic outlook and profit margin concerns

The article also provides some interesting safety insights relating specifically to driver safety technology:

  • The main motivators for purchasing specific safety technology solutions include reduced accident rates, improved driver monitoring and increased ability to take preventive measures.
  • According to those surveyed, the consensus is that there are too many disparate safety systems available today and that Fleet Managers prefer a single solution, offering multiple capabilities and functionalities such as driver monitoring, video and automatic emergency braking to help reduce spend on such technologies.
  • Vehicle and driver monitoring (including mobile asset monitoring) now rank as the most important factors for Fleet Managers when purchasing telematics solutions.
  • 92% of Safety Managers and 78% of Maintenance Managers expressed an interest in remote diagnostics/prognostics data integration with their own maintenance management systems.

What will be interesting to see is whether the 2017 annual report from Frost & Sullivan will reveal the same top seven concerns or whether there will be a shift in emphasis in terms of priorities. So while we know what keeps Fleet Managers awake at night now, what will it be in the future?

*More information is available in the Fleetowner article published here.

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