In 3 months, Unitrans in South Africa recorded a rapid improvement in fuel consumption with a calculated saving of R66,000 per month.
BOGESTRA AG reduced their fuel consumption by 7% on average and, in one year, lowered the carbon emissions at one of their depots by approximately 600 tons of CO2.
"The RIBAS® system installed by Kienzle has enabled us to significantly reduce fuel consumption at the Ückendorf depot. In addition, the return on the initial investment was achieved within a year."
Jürgen Böttcher, Head of the Automotive Division and Deputy Director for Operations at BO Kraft

In December 2012, BOGESTRA AG kicked off their “Introduction of the RIBAS System” project, with an initial fitment of 20 vehicles. The RIBAS Display works in conjunction with MiX Telematics’s flagship solution, MiX Fleet Manager. It notifies drivers by way of visual and audible alerts of uneconomical driving, encouraging self-improvement to avoid the recording of an infringement.

Over a period of seven months, the German bus operator trained their drivers and closely monitored the saving potential of the MiX Telematics solution. In July 2013 – ahead of schedule – the company decided to introduce the system in full, thanks to positive feedback from their drivers and a reported 20% reduction in fuel consumption among other benefits. 

Since then, BOGESTRA AG has reported excellent results, including an impressive average reduction in fuel consumption, huge reductions in CO2 emissions, significantly improved passenger comfort and reduced maintenance costs.

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Dennis Ferreira

11 November 2019

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