In-cab coaching aids

Improve Driving Style and Performance

MiX Telematics is a leading provider of fleet management solutions to many of the world’s top passenger transport companies, so we understand how important it is to help deliver the very best service to customers by improving efficiency and passenger comfort.

To do just that, we offer two in-cab coaching aids that assist drivers with improving their driving style and performance.

MiX DriveMate

MiX DriveMate is an ingenious in-vehicle driver display, offered as an extension to the MiX Fleet Manager solution, that alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights.

If a driver does not self-correct their behaviour, a buzzer sounds to notify them and the associated event will go on to be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for an authorised person to review.

MiX DriveMate Benefits

Savings Across the Board

With less speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering comes reduced fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, and maintenance costs.

Reduction in Number of Severity of Accidents

When drivers practise safer driving techniques, accidents become less frequent and severe, leading to saved lives and reduced costs.


The RIBAS in-cab driving display helps drivers to improve their driving style with the use of alerts that are triggered by predetermined events.

Ribas Benefits

  • Immediate notification to driver of any errors or transgressions while on the road
  • Safer, smoother driving thanks to alerts that allow drivers to self-correct in real-time
  • Improved passenger experience as a direct result of the driver’s improved behaviour
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles, and subsequently reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved fuel efficiency as a result of more efficient driving habits, saving time and money
  • Reduced accident severity thanks to safer and more conscious driving habits

Customer Success

Our customers have seen improvements in risky driving behaviours with real-time, in-cab coaching
  • 80% reduction in accidents
  • Improved safety score from 81, to 96 (out of 100)
  • Saw an 83% decrease in at-fault fatal road crashes
  • Saw an 80% decrease in collision rate within 6 months
  • Reduced accident rates by 70%

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