Auto Onibus Moratense

Auto Onibus Moratense wanted to become more environmentally-friendly so they partnered with MiX Telematics to reduce their fuel consumption and train their employees on eco-driving.
Auto Onibus Moratense
Auto Onibus Moratense services 23 municipal bus lines and 2 metropolitan lines so they are aware of how large their carbon footprint can be.
"Thanks to MiX Telematics’ solutions we have managed to create a harmonious workplace, where all of the sectors work as one team. It has created an environment where everyone is working towards a common goal and, this way, we always achieve the results we need."
Celso Ricardo, Human Resources Manager, Auto Onibus Moratense

MiX Fleet Manager, a sophisticated on-board telematics solution, was installed in all 111 of Auto Onibus Moratense’s buses. Each driver’s individual fuel consumption was monitored as well as any driver behavior (such as speeding) that tends to increase usage. Then drivers were ranked from best to worst based on this data.

Data collected from MiX Fleet Manager was put to full use by holding regular meetings to update drivers on their performance and then giving them relevant training. This training taught drivers how the MiX Fleet Manager solution works, why their role is so important to the fleet’s success (encouraging engagement) and how to become a more economical and safer driver. Within less than a year, all of these actions have led to a 10 to 15% reduction in overall fuel consumption and it continues to drop.

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Dennis Ferreira

11 Novembro 2019

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