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MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions enable more than just fuel savings. They help save lives too. This is what our customers have to say.

Benton's Haulage

United Kingdom
Transport and Distribution, Service Fleets, Utilities

Benton’s Haulage operates a fleet of 40 trucks, articulated units, crane-mounted units and trailer-mounted forklifts with key clients in the events, automotive and construction industries.

Increasing fuel costs and a need for integrated reporting that incorporates driver behavior data and mobile device usage meant that the company needed a comprehensive fleet management solution.

MiX Telematics installed its Fleet Manager system, giving Benton’s Haulage the ability to track exactly how much fuel each driver uses, and to monitor collection, delivery and idling times. The solution features the ability to relay vital trip information directly to Benton’s Haulage’s customers for improved communication and overall efficiency.

Benton’s Haulage has managed to reduce its drivers’ fuel bill by up to £20,000, and cut mobile phone costs by 25%.

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