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MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions enable more than just fuel savings. They help save lives too. This is what our customers have to say.

CEMEX Colombia


CEMEX is one of the largest suppliers of cement, concrete and aggregate in Colombia and currently has customers in over 50 countries. The company relies on its fleet of heavy-duty trucks to transport building materials from its factories to construction sites across the country.

Business challenge

With an operating fleet of 350 vehicles, CEMEX recognised that small changes to their employees’ driving styles coupled with new ways of managing fleet maintenance could improve road safety and achieve significant savings in the long term.

CEMEX needed a solution that could reduce the risk of harsh braking and acceleration, over-speeding and hot engine shut off. Using telematics-enabled technology, the company also wanted to achieve greater efficiency when planning and scheduling vehicle maintenance.


Working with LAP Technologies, an official MiX Telematics channel partner in Colombia, CEMEX opted for a MiX fleet management solution comprising of the MiX Telematics FM3507 on-board computer that interfaces with the company’s fleet management software platform.

The system is designed to collect data directly from each vehicle’s on-board computer and relay it back to the company’s fleet controllers via the software platform. It is able to generate easy-to-interpret reports on all of the important operating parameters and provides real-time GPS tracking data.


After a successful initial trial, CEMEX contracted LAP Technologies to equip their entire fleet with the MiX Telematics solution. Further commissioning included configuring the reporting functions to precisely meet CEMEX’s business needs, including setting up critical alarms and early-warnings of maintenance requirements in addition to the engine condition and driver behaviour data feeds.


CEMEX has experienced significant improvements in road safety as well as engine care across its entire fleet. With the help of driver behaviour data, the company has implemented a reward programme that has seen violations such as excessive speeding reduce from an average of 800 incidents per month to virtually zero. This has contributed to a 4% reduction in the fleet’s overall fuel consumption and fewer incidents on the road.

Vehicle and engine condition monitoring has helped to reduce hot engine shut off by nearly 500%, and has helped the company foresee any maintenance requirements and carry out the necessary preventative measures. Thanks to GPS data, fleet managers can better co-ordinate maintenance scheduling and improve vehicle utilisation and fleet efficiency.

“This telematics solution has enabled us to collect and easily use data about our fleet’s operating conditions so that we can streamline our maintenance administration as well as improve operative conditions such as vehicle security and fuel consumption, says Luis Carlos Muñoz, Maintenance Manager at CEMEX Colombia.

“The performance of the MiX Telematics products is very good,” he concludes.

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