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MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions enable more than just fuel savings. They help save lives too. This is what our customers have to say.

PepsiCo in Egypt

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Maintaining a reputation as one of the world’s most ethical companies requires continuous forward thinking, and PepsiCo in Egypt has gained a leading edge by implementing a new kind of road safety initiative with the help of MiX Telematics and local dealer, Fleet Information Technology (FIT).

The solution has helped PepsiCo in Egypt to reduce the risk of road accidents in a country considered to have the world’s highest number of road deaths per capita. Since the company operates up to 3,000 vehicles on a daily basis, the benefits of a system that can help to reward drivers for good behavior, and penalize and retrain those who put other road users at risk, are far reaching.

Within three months of the installation, the company managed to reduce the number of violations per driver, lower operational costs and increase vehicle utilization.

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