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In-cab driver feedback 

The best of both worlds in one smart driver display

  • MiX DriveMateTM

    Introducing MiX DriveMate, an ingenious little in-vehicle driver display offered as an extension to MiX Fleet Manager that alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights. If a driver does not self-correct, a buzzer will sound to notify the driver and an event will go on to be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for the authorised person to view.

    14% decrease in fuel expenditure within 6 months.
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    Using an unobtrusive system of symbols with red/amber/green (RAG) status lights, accompanied by audible warning tones, drivers are given feedback on their driving style.

    The unit can be configured in a number of different ways to provide customers with the most effective method of delivering alerts to a driver.

    "Efficient and fluid driving styles saves fuel and is eco-friendly." 12% savings in fuel and recipient of environmental award.
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AI dashboard cameras

World-class vehicle telematics combines with our AI-powered dash cam system to detect and prevent risky driver behaviours

MiX Vision AI is an intelligent video monitoring system for fleets that consists of 3 cameras and an in-cab driving coach.

  • In-cab facing camera: Records real-time, wide-angle video footage and audio of the vehicle interior.
  • Road-facing camera: Detects unsafe vehicle movements by monitoring road conditions and warns of imminent collision, lane departure without signalling and too-close following distance.
  • Driver-facing camera: Using AI and ADAS technology, this camera focuses solely on the driver and sends real-time audible and visual alerts for events that put the driver at risk like not using a seatbelt, fatigue, phone use, being distracted and smoking while driving.
  • In-cab driving coach: Visual and audible in-vehicle alerts that guide and train drivers in real-time.

Driver performance app

Saving lives. Saving money.

For successful fleet operators, it’s no secret: engaged drivers means successful business. The way your drivers operate your vehicles affects every aspect of your business, from how much fuel is used to the number of accidents that occur – or don’t.

MyMiX is a comprehensive driver engagement platform geared to equip professional drivers with all they need to assess and improve their performance. The app boasts a sleek, engaging and user-friendly interface.

Driver score improved from 81.70 to 96.46 (maximum score is 100). Read the Case Study

Hours of Service

MiX Hours of Service is an add-on of the MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution. It’s an intelligent compliance toolkit that effectively monitors drivers’ on-duty time, organises digital tachograph files and manages driver fatigue. 
MiX HOS manages compliance by extracting information from a combination of vehicle telematics data and electronic driver input through digital tachographs. It allows for a real-time, driver-centric view of accurate information. This information enables operations managers to make more informed decisions and meet legal obligations. 

Monthly overtime reduced from 180k REAL to 60k REAL.
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Integrated solutions

Giving value and meaning to your telematics data

MiX Integrate is a data integration solution for MiX Fleet Manager, our premium fleet management solution, that aims to source and combine all of your telematics data into a single, centralised location.

Simply put, MiX Integrate is an API platform that serves as a bridge between MiX-hosted data and your third-party or in-house applications to help you use your telematics data outside of MiX Fleet Manager. But, how does it work? MiX servers collect all telematics data that they have access to and that data is then transferred to the MiX Integrate platform. Then you, the customer, select and filter data so that you are left with only that which you absolutely need. That custom-filtered data is then relayed to your choice of applications.

MiX Integrate is secure, user-friendly, scalable and has the ability to automate processes. It also comes with comprehensive online documentation that guides you through the entire process of getting started from application setup to configuration. Sample code helps you increase understanding and control of your hosted data.

Professional services 

Implementing telematics in order to achieve your ROI goals is one thing, but how do you achieve consistent and continual improvements that will give you greater financial savings. Embedded consultancy from MiX Telematics is designed for organisations who require long term support when it comes to telematics data management.
  • Dedicated MiX consultant
  • True understanding of your business
  • Data management support
  • Partnership
  • Guaranteed long-term progression

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager

The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable data.
MiX Telematics Case study: Linde


Case Study
To match their needs, MiX Telematics equipped Linde’s Romanian, Greek and Turkish fleets with MiX Fleet Manager.