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British Truck Racing Association

MiX Telematics has renewed their long-standing partnership with and support of the British Truck Racing Association to keep maintaining high standards of racing safety and fair play
British Truck Racing Association - Truck Racing
The British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) was founded in 1984 to serve as the governing body for races within the UK and they organise one of the biggest truck racing categories in the UK. MiX Telematics has helped BTRA to maintain their high standards of safety and accuracy for many years, and aim to make all races as fair as possible with the help of sophisticated speed monitoring equipment.
"The BTRA is extremely pleased to continue the long-standing partnership with MiX Telematics to supply speed control equipment for our MV Commercial British Truck Association Championship in 2019. Accuracy and reliability is essential to us, and the MiX product delivers this to us in our fast-moving race environment."
Steve Horne, Chairman, British Truck Racing Association

Speed monitoring is mandatory in all races organised by BTRA. This monitoring is dual purpose as it ensures that trucks have a level playing field and, more importantly, that truck drivers remain safe and crash-free during races. 

MiX Telematics has proven time and again to BTRA that their speed monitoring is precise every race. MiX Fleet Manager, the solution used, also provides an on-board alert system that lets drivers know when they’ve exceeded the speed limit, giving them opportunity to slow down, or when they are about to go over a predetermined speed. 

In addition to accurate speed monitoring, MiX Telematics provides the invaluable services of a Judge in Fact of Speed that offers on-site support for BTRA to ensure rules are correctly enforced or to settle disputes on racing days. 

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Melanie Esterhuizen

15 December 2021

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