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G4S Cash Solutions

G4S, a multinational integrated security company, partnered with MiX Telematics to reduce the safety risk and environmental impact of their UK Cash fleet.
G4S Cash Solutions - Security
G4S is a leading multinational security company that has a history stretching back more than 100 years. Their UK Cash fleet, which was the focus of this partnership, comprises of 1,485 HGV and LCV vehicles. Increasing driver safety and reducing harmful emissions were two goals that G4S wanted to achieve and they entrusted MiX Telematics to do exactly that using advanced telematics software and complex data.
"Continuous improvement is key for us. The implementation of the innovative and impactful MiX Telematics solutions across the G4S fleet has allowed operations to focus on other areas of innovation and improvement – a win on every front."
David Armitage, Head of Fleet Services, G4S Cash Solutions

G4S chose MiX Telematics to be their telematics provider because they knew that the company’s decades-long industry experience would be exactly what they needed to help them achieve their main objectives of reducing environmental impact, minimising accidents and optimising fuel spend.

MiX Telematics systematically tackled these objectives by implementing an on-board computer (MiX 4000) to capture vehicle/engine diagnostics, an in-vehicle display (MiX DriveMate) to provide live feedback to drivers on the road, a driver engagement app and reporting capabilities to collate data and translate it into easy to view Dashboards.

 Despite implementing all this telematics software during a difficult economic period, excellent results were achieved within a short time period. G4S’ collision rate decreased by a whopping 80% in 6 months! This was in part due to their drivers’ safety score increasing by 66%. The fleet’s idling hours decreased by 43%, leading to a reduction of two tons of CO2 emissions per year the fleet is in operation.

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Melanie Esterhuizen

15 December 2021

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