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McGill’s Buses

McGill’s Buses, Scottish bus company operator, puts the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of their customers at the top of their priority list using MiX Telematics’ solutions.
McGill’s Buses is one of Scotland’s largest bus operators, undertakes up to 500,000 journeys every week. To ensure each journey is as risk-free as possible for their customers, they connected with MiX Telematics to implement telematics solutions to ensure their drivers always operate their vehicles safely and smoothly and increase visibility of the performance of their buses’ engines.
"Customer safety, comfort and satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Combining access to driver performance data with MiX Vision AI’s in-vehicle camera footage allows us to investigate the causes of incidents and take steps to minimise the risk of them recurring. The engineering telemetry has given us increased visibility of engine diagnostics so we can prevent breakdowns and reduce the potential impact on both customers and the business."
Thomas Millar, Quality Control, McGill’s Buses

To improve their drivers’ behaviour, increase compliance and better passenger comfort and safety, McGill’s Buses needed a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions.

These solutions from MiX Telematics offers McGill’s greater insight into engine diagnostics, driving behaviours and idling hours than they’ve ever had before. Their team can now receive real-time feedback whenever their drivers engage in risky or unsafe driving events, like speeding, and are notified of critical maintenance issues that may lead to breakdowns that will disrupt day-to-day operations. All the solutions, including MiX Vision AI in-vehicle cameras, the MiX Rovi Mini driver feedback device, and the MiX 4000 on-board computer, provide increased visibility, visual evidence of activities on the road and the ability to implement preventative measures.

McGill’s Buses has received significantly positive results since implementation of MiX’s solutions. Harsh braking events have reduced by 55% and speeding has dropped a whopping 95%, leading to a decrease in accident risk. On top of that, negative red driver scores have decreased by 73%, with most of their drivers now in the green and driving much more safely and conscientiously.

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23 August 2022

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