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Reduce Cost

Fuel has possibly the biggest impact on the annual running costs of a fleet. But some might be surprised at just how big that impact is and – more importantly – that it is in fact possible to reduce it with telematics.

Understanding Usage

Know your fuel consumption costs

On average, fuel represents 25% of the operating costs of a small or medium van, and around 50% of a heavy truck or bus. 
By reducing an average fuel bill by 10%, you can reduce overall operating costs. This is a worthwhile and, for some fleet operators, an entirely possible goal. 
MiX Telematics delivers quality fuel data, enabling fleet operators to identify where and how fuel savings can be made within their fleet. 


Actively save fuel

There are many ways to actively save fuel and, once you understand your fuel usage, it’s easy. MiX Telematics offers solutions that could help you achieve double-figure fuel percentage savings. 
We put fuel saving theory into practice by specialising in: 

  • Trend analysis

  • Goal setting
  • Vehicle utilisation
  • Driver engagement

Fuel Theft

Take preventative measures

The two main methods of fuel theft within commercial vehicle fleets is fuel skimming and/or fuel siphoning. In fact, claims are that 99% of fuel theft is carried out via these methods. 
MiX offers several solutions to prevent fuel theft from occurring, including: 

  • Identify and rectify risky driving behaviours.

  • Anti-siphoning devices
  • Fuel cap sensors
  • Real-time alerts

Maintenance Costs

Keep on top of fleet care

Maintenance costs as a result of vehicle wear and tear can be extremely expensive, not to mention the implications caused by the resultant vehicle downtime. 
But, like fuel costs, it's not impossible to reduce them. Monitoring and changing the way vehicles are driven can have a direct impact on how often vehicle parts need to be replaced or serviced. 
Reducing harsh driving events, such as acceleration, braking and cornering, can significantly reduce maintenance costs by up to 20%. We can help you utilise the data we collect to: 

  • Trend analysis

  • Closely monitor fleet activity
  • Schedule downtime
  • Plan efficiently

Critical Event Alerts

Effective telematics is about being proactive, not reactive. By understanding critical events that happen day-to-day across your fleet, you can anticipate trends and plan maintenance more efficiently. This reduces vehicle downtime and increases fleet utilisation, as well as saving considerable costs. 
Our solution alerts you in real-time to vital events and, also provides you with high-level management information to understand what is happening to your fleet and plan accordingly. Typical events include oil and brake level warnings, tyre pressure management system integration and engine warnings. 

Running Costs

Optimise from all angles

Fleet running costs vary from business to business, so how do you make sure all areas within your fleet operation are being optimised? 
Having access to your fleet data offers valuable insights into everyday activities which could contribute to substantial financial and practical savings. 
The data we provide can help you to: 

  • Optimise routes
  • Optimise vehicle utilisation
  • Automate paperwork routines

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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