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MiX IntegrateTM FAQ

  • What is MiX Integrate?

    MiX Integrate is an integration platform enabling the transfer of data for use outside of MiX Fleet Manager. The integration consists of RESTful APIs as well as data feed mechanisms to support specific use cases.

  • How do I start integrating?

    In order to commence your integration, you will need two sets of credentials which is aligned to our OAUTH2 framework. First, a MiX Fleet Manager account and secondly a Client ID and Secret for your application. All credentials can be provided by your regional support teams.

  • What data is available from MiX Integrate?

    You will find within the MiX Integrate swagger documentation for all end points currently available. This includes positional, event and trip data as well as driver and asset data amongst others. The swagger documentation also provides a sample of properties which are available as part of the specific method thus providing further insight to exactly what is returned.

  • How can I get support on MiX Integrate?

    The MiX Integrate documentation includes key developer documentation as well as links to sample code. Support teams are available via the regional support channels in order to address integration questions as well as any issues which may be encountered. The MiX Help Centre also includes an Integrate community in which MiX Integrate users and support teams share topics which can further help others when attempting to conduct similar integrations.

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