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Giving value and meaning to your telematics data

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MiX Integrate is a data integration solution for MiX Fleet Manager, our premium fleet management solution, that aims to source and combine all of your telematics data into a single, centralised location.

Simply put, MiX Integrate is an API platform that serves as a bridge between MiX-hosted data and your third-party or in-house applications to help you use your telematics data outside of MiX Fleet Manager.

But, how does it work? MiX servers collect all telematics data that they have access to and that data is then transferred to the MiX Integrate platform. Then you, the customer, select and filter data so that you are left with only that which you absolutely need. That custom-filtered data is then relayed to your choice of applications.

MiX Integrate is secure, user-friendly, scalable and has the ability to automate processes. It also comes with comprehensive online documentation that guides you through the entire process of getting started from application setup to configuration. Sample code helps you increase understanding and control of your hosted data.


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MiX Integrate

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