MiX Rovi II™

Improve safety. Increase efficiency. Ensure compliance.

A breakdown in communication can cause massive inefficiencies and frustration – for drivers, fleet managers and customers. But with MiX Rovi II, a rugged in-cab display from MiX Telematics, fleet managers and drivers are kept in contact with each other more effectively – even under the toughest of conditions. 

By connecting to one of MiX Telematics’s on-board computers, MiX Rovi II provides information to the driver or the fleet manager through a number of features. These include custom data inputs, on-board navigation, jobs and messaging, and real-time job dispatching and driving alerts.

In select markets, MiX Rovi II also delivers real-time driver-centric Hours of Service features to help manage compliance and fatigue.

Built tough, on Android

MiX Rovi II, with its rugged design and Android platform, is ideal for fleets operating in harsher conditions. The 7” display can withstand high temperatures, is shock-resistant, comes with a night mode, and requires no battery. And because it’s built on Android, it lends itself to future programmability.
Rugged design
MiX Rovi II is built tough to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. It is also easy and affordable to install.

Easy configuration
Configuration is user-friendly and prepared in the MiX Fleet Manager software platform, then uploaded to the device over the air.

The device is designed with the driver in mind – with easy-to-read icons and large buttons for ease of use.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting
MiX Rovi II makes the on-board computer’s diagnostic information, like GPS and GSM operating statuses, visible.

Remote data capturing
Fleet managers can access specific operational data that is captured by drivers using the MiX Rovi II in the field.

Jobs, messaging and navigation
Jobs and messages are sent to MiX Rovi II in real-time, with accurate turn-by-turn navigation to a job address made possible by the on-board navigation system.

Compliant by design
Real-time Hours of Service status changes and other information enable the management of driver fatigue and compliance, in particular to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rule regarding Electronic Logging Devices.

Driving alerts
Drivers receive on-screen pop-ups and voice prompts when a driving violation or warning occurs, such as over-speeding in geofenced zones or driving over the road speed limit. Fleet managers can be alerted in real-time in the office.

Why MiX Rovi II?

MiX Rovi II an indispensable fleet management tool that not only improves driver safety, but helps fleet managers to move away from paper logs, thereby increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

Less pressure on drivers
The easy-to-use, driver-friendly display delivers jobs and messages electronically. It also completely eliminates paper logs for Hours of Service, IFTA and trip reporting.

Improved productivity and customer service
Since new jobs are assigned in real-time and thanks to accurate turn-by-turn navigation, customers reap all the benefits. Furthermore, problems can be nipped in the bud sooner.

Dramatic cost savings
MiX Rovi II can help reduce fuel usage, thanks to job navigation. It also contributes to less wear and tear on vehicles, thanks to driver alerts, and fewer fatigue-related incidents due to Hours of Service compliance.

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