[Video] Heroic Trucker caught on Cab Cam

Witness the heroic efforts of truck driver David Fredericksen as he saves a woman and her granddaughter after a crash, as captured on his truck’s dash cam.

[Video] Truck dashcam benefits: Heroic trucker caught on cab cam

David Fredericksen was filmed saving a woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter by his truck's dashcam on August 11 of this year. Fredericksen didn't hesitate to leave the safety of his cab and run towards the wreckage with his on-board fire extinguisher. He and his accompanying passenger saved the woman and the child before the car burst into a ball of fire.

Video Credit: MotivationUS (YouTube)

Incidents like these are not to be taken lightly, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. This is one of the benefits of fleet dashcams and having telematics and monitoring products within the cab with truck drivers. These pieces of technology capture the moments which show what really happen in accidents, who the drivers have with them and what exactly they were doing at the time of the accident, like paying attention or texting. Having video and audio evidence can be the difference between winning and losing legal battles or even foregoing them completely.

Our product, MiX Vision, a telematics vehicle camera, captures and delivers video footage of events to FM-Web, MiX Telematics's online information and tracking portal. Footage is captured using a tamper-resistant on-board video recording unit with two cameras. This works in conjunction with MiX Telematics's FM Communicator on-board computer.

When an event occurs, the system triggers the automatic upload of two fifteen-second videos - one showing the driver and one showing the road. Fleet managers can then go online to view these videos alongside trip and event information on a map or timeline. There is also the option to request a two-and-a-half minute high-resolution video clip recorded within the previous 72-hours a vehicle was in-trip. Events are customizable, with dozens to choose from, and can include anything from harsh events, like braking, to accidents and door open.

Investing in a truck dashcam benefits everyone. Our products cover vital safety concerns for truck drivers as well as the safety of fellow motorists, like in this accident. Safety and efficiency are priorities here at MiX Telematics and passing those onto our customers is just as important to keep their companies moving forward. Want to learn more about the benefits of fleet dashcams? Contact us.

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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