In-vehicle camera monitoring: It's all about driver safety

How do dash cams or in-vehicle monitoring systems increase driver safety and reduce risk?

In-vehicle camera monitoring: It's all about driver safety

Real learning comes from real scenarios

Absolutely, video data and visual evidence can help in an accident investigation but it can also be used when it comes to driver training and coaching.

Fleet managers want to equip their drivers with the skills they need to handle any event on the road. Sometimes these scenarios are typed up and presented as a written report, but visual footage of the events leading up to and after an accident is often far more effective when it comes to driver coaching.

Incorporating the visual evidence collected by in-cab cameras into driver training sessions has been proven to have a positive impact on drivers' overall attitudes towards their behaviors on the road.

In-cab cameras are not managements' eye in the sky

An in-vehicle camera monitoring system is constantly recording, but this footage is not being constantly monitored and checked in real-time. The idea behind an in-vehicle monitoring system is that recorded footage is only transmitted upon request or when a specific event triggers its transmission -Ð there has to be a reason for the visual evidence to be watched.

However, video can be taken into account when it comes to scoring driver safety. Use it as a visual aid to educate drivers about safe behavior and support them in learning how to improve.

Coaching in real time

Perhaps the biggest benefit of in-cab video for drivers is the capability these IVMS solutions have to monitor driving behavior and alert drivers in real-time when unsafe events are triggered. Depending on the exact IVMS option used, warnings could be beeps or a combination of verbal and visual cues and would encourage drivers to self-correct.

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