Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?

Discover all the reasons why choosing an integrated dash cam solution with associated software can benefit your fleet.

Why choose an integrated in-cab video system?

In the U.S, in-cab video is more commonly available as a third-party offering. What this means for fleet managers and owners is that they have to invest even more to use another telematics provider's software to sync this visual evidence.

But MiX Telematics offers a fully integrated in-cab video solution Ð that means hardware and software are all packaged together into one system.

Of course an integrated solution like MiX Vision offers all the general benefits of visual evidence Ð but what are the advantages of choosing such an integrated in-vehicle recording system over a standalone hardware option?

Here are just a few of the biggest benefits an integrated in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) offers fleet managers.

It will save you time and money

Investing in a fully integrated solution means there is no need to purchase separate systems or manage two separate contracts with two separate providers. With only one vendor to deal with and a single system to operate and manage, you'll also end up saving on other costs, like staff training and system maintenance.

You're in control

Instead of relying on a third party to supply visual evidence as required, you'll have access to this data 24-7. This means you'll be able to control how and when this visual evidence is accessed and react immediately when an investigation into an event is required. You'll also be able to access all your video data, and not only the information a third party opts to supply.

You can make it your own

Yes, it will offer you visual evidence and verification when and as you need it. And yes, it will improve your fleet management efficiency combining in-cab video with a comprehensive fleet management and safety solution. But it can also be customized to allow you as a fleet owner or manager to configure certain events that trigger video recording.

You can reward good driver behavior

While the primary aim of such an IVMS is to help analyze vehicle events like accidents and the causes thereof, having ownership and constant access to in-cab video evidence also means you can track Ð and reward Ð positive behaviors on the road and proper vehicle usage. Inward- and outward-facing cameras means you'll have all angles covered.

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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