What can fleet asset management solutions do for your business?

What benefits can you expect to see when implementing a tracking and monitoring solution for your assets and equipment?

What can fleet asset management solutions do for your business?

Most fleet owners are concerned about how to effectively track and manage their assets. Considerations such as safety, compliance, efficiency and security spring to mind and help shape their decision when choosing fleet asset management solutions.

But, instead of exploring the various solutions on the market, first consider how effective vehicle asset manager solutions go about giving business owners peace of mind.

Key driver #1: efficiency

  • Utilization of software is as important as the software itself

  • Optimize deployments

  • Informed planning

  • Improved productivity

Key driver #2: safety

  • Fleet asset management solutions track speeding

  • Notifications for service intervals

  • Flexible digital input

Key driver #3: compliance

  • License renewal notifications

  • Periodic Certification

Key driver #4: security

  • Asset managers limit the loss of assets due to theft or negligence

  • The business owner has improved visibility over their assets

Fleet asset management solutions are therefore a viable option for any company with valuable assets who want to track, locate and better manage their assets. MiX Asset Manager for example, improves the visibility of assets, reduces the risk and cost of not knowing their whereabouts and optimizes asset deployment. This is all done within an automated, electronic registry of assets and their status (including location) for a far-reaching range of asset types.

Asset management solutions should be equipped to efficiently manage a large variety of moveable assets across a number of key sectors such as; construction, mining, oil and gas, transport and logistics, utilities, equipment rental, farming and railway. 

Which of these MiX Asset Manager solutions are for you?

  • I need high accuracy, real-time data about my asset and the asset should provide me with power for the hardware device, most of the time.

Consider the Wired Tracker (AT 1340 from the MiX Asset Manager range)

  • I want access to the historical movements of my assets with predictable periodic reporting.

Try the Wireless Tracker (Oyster and Remora from MiX Asset Manager)

  • All I need to know is the last known location of my assets; I have vehicles that are regularly in the same location as my assets.

Wireless Locator (MiX Tabs) is the perfect choice.

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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