MiX Telematics at Euro Bus Expo 2016

Birmingham – October 28, 2016 - MiX Telematics will be presenting a selection of products from its leading-edge range of telematics solutions and services on its stand, E12, at Euro Bus Expo 2016.  At this year's show, the company will demonstrate how its products combine to future-proof fleets by delivering benefits in every area of operation from enhanced safety and greater fuel efficiency to driver engagement and maximised passenger comfort.

"As a prominent force within the global Passenger Carrying Vehicle industry since the earliest days of telematics, the experience and expertise we have today enables us to develop optimised passenger transport solutions for customers the world over," comments Jonathan Bates, Marketing Director for MiX Telematics Europe and North Africa.  "Key to the successful implementation of our solutions are the consultancy services we provide.  Here, our in-house team of specialist consultants work in close collaboration with our operators to analyse every aspect of performance, set goals, train drivers and optimise the outcomes in every case."

In addition to Fleet Manager, the heart of the MiX Telematics solution, a number of products will be on show at Euro Bus Expo 2016.  Included here are:


Firmly established today as a major contributor to safer and better operation, the latest generation RIBAS display works pro-actively to help drivers stay within their vehicle's pre-programmed safety and efficiency parameters at all times.

A green status light, which takes the form of a MiX Telematics logo at the foot of the display unit, indicates that a vehicle is being driven correctly.  In such circumstances, this is the only light illuminated on the display.  Amber and red status lights are incorporated into the icons appearing alongside the RIBAS letters, each of which stands for a pre-programmed operational parameter where:
R = over Revving
I =  excessive Idling
B = harsh Braking
A = harsh Acceleration
S = over Speeding

Whenever a parameter comes close to being exceeded, the amber light illuminates, alerting the driver to a potential problem and thereby allowing corrective action to be taken.  The amber light is intended purely as a warning sign; no record of an infringement is made against the driver by Fleet Manager at this time.  However, should the amber warning be ignored and the parameter exceeded, the infringement is recorded by Fleet Manager and the red light illuminates.

MiX Vision

MiX Vision is a dual road-facing and driver-facing video image recording system.
Located within the vehicle, and configurable to be triggered by a wide range of events, MiX Vision simultaneously captures high quality images of the road ahead and inside the driving compartment.

To facilitate night time recordings, the driver-facing camera records infra-red light.  The system also includes a microphone, thereby enabling sound on all captures. As such, MiX Vision provides a comprehensive and unique record of conditions in front of and inside the vehicle should any incidents occur.  Whenever an event is triggered, the eight seconds of video prior to the event and seven seconds after it are uploaded to MiX Fleet Manager.  To reduce download times and save on data transfer costs, operators can access five second clips as standard  on demand, with longer high resolution clips available on request. The system is also able to provide 2.5-minute-long high resolution video data from any time within the previous 72-hours of a vehicle's operation.

MyMiX Driver Portal

Accessed via a PC or smartphone App, MyMiX Driver Portal engages drivers by allowing them to compare their own performance with that of their colleagues.  The system works by capturing data on harsh acceleration, harsh braking and over-speeding and reporting them by way of RAG (Red-Amber-Green) style reports.  In addition to performance comparisons, MyMiX Driver Portal also allows drivers to review their personal performance record on specific vehicles week-on-week, so that improvements over time can be recognised and noted.  Improved fuel consumption, enhanced safety and increased job satisfaction are all benefits delivered by MyMiX Driver Portal.

About MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. Our SaaS enabled software is developed to meet our customers’ requirements and aims to build long-term partnerships.

Founded in 1996, our heritage spans more than 25 years. Built on a solid foundation of deep-rooted expertise, we continue to hone our fleet management capabilities that are underpinned by innovation. This is evident throughout our product portfolio that meets the breadth of modern fleet challenges in an evolving industry.

Our products and services reach more than 120 countries and are supported by a prolific network of 130 channel partners and regional offices in 8 countries.

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