How machine learning is transforming the landscape of telematics reporting

This white paper examines the complex subject of machine learning and, how its application in the telematics industry is changing the landscape of reporting and data analytics. We also look at practical examples of how it is already improving fleet management’s ability to meet specific business needs.
The changing landscape of telematics reporting

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Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated, with telematics (and connected vehicles) being one of the biggest sources of this data.

The telematics industry is already very aware of the importance of utilizing data in a way that is both relevant and actionable. This is done with in-depth reporting and analysis of driver behaviour, maintenance schedules, fuel expenditure and much more. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (and machine learning), the world of telematics reporting and data analysis is going to expand even more. 

In the latest white paper from MiX Telematics, entitled “How machine learning is transforming the landscape of telematics reporting”, explores: 

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning is being used in a real-world context; 

  • The evolution of telematics towards predictive analysis; and 

  • Examples of how telematics reporting will improve with the help of machine learning. 

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