Vehicle Management Systems

Get the tools you need to improve your fleet performance

No matter the size of your fleet, whatever your operational requirements, MiX Telematics has the vehicle management system to meet your business goals.

Our fleet solutions give you peace of mind by knowing exactly where your vehicles are and how they are being driven. They deliver rich, actionable intelligence about your vehicles and drivers, which is accessible online or via a mobile app, helping you improve fleet efficiency, performance and security.

Get the vehicle tracking and management tools you need with the MiX Fleet Manager from MiX Telematics.

Your Benefits:

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: With live and historical records of your fleet movements, you can ensure your vehicles are where they need to be.
  • Complete Fleet Transparency: Establish a complete, accurate version of events on the road.
  • Improved Security: From basic location tracking and vehicle cameras to a fully managed 24/7 control room bureau service, we’ll help reduce safety risks.
  • Monitor & Manage Driver Behavior: Proactively identify and improve driver safety to reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Improve Job Speed & Efficiency: Respond to unplanned on-road challenges by re-assigning jobs to the nearest driver to optimize your fleet agility.
  • Automated Service/Licencing Reminders: Simplify your fleet maintenance and ensure your vehicles are legal every time they hit the road!

Powerful, Web-Based Reports

With MiX Fleet Manager, you can get the fleet management system you need, when you need it, on a powerful, user-friendly dashboard on your PC or mobile phone.

This feature-rich software platform reports basic, real-time information on current and historical vehicle locations and driver behavior, including speed, driving direction, ignition status and driving violations. With the vehicle insights supplied by MiX Fleet Manager, fleet owners can proactively monitor their operation with real-time asset management. Take immediate corrective action and send messages to and from assets and/or drivers.

Customised to Your Vehicle Management Requirements

MiX Telematics offers you a range of fleet tracking solutions, so you get a fit-for-purpose solution that meets your specific management objectives.

MiX Fleet Manager Essential delivers a reliable and affordable solution for monitoring drivers and vehicles. MiX Fleet Manager Essential makes tracking and tracing the historical and real-time movement and behavior of your vehicles and drivers easy, from anywhere, at any time, whether you manage a fleet of trucks or a mixed fleet. The real-time and historical tracking of vehicles allows you to better utilize your assets; boosting your fleet’s performance and saving on costs.

For owners of larger fleets and transport operations needing to sustain a high-performing operation, MiX Fleet Manager Premium helps achieve optimum levels of efficiency and safety. This end-to-end solution provides sophisticated tracking, live information streams and reporting tools through an advanced software solutions. Through powerful, valuable fleet and driver reports, you can scrutinize your fleet information in the detail you need.

Value Added Services

  • MiX Insight Analyser – Business Intelligence platform
  • MiX Track and React Bureau Servic – 24/7 Control of your fleet
  • MiX Vision – Eyes on your fleet
  • MiX Vision Bureau Service – Camera health & driver behavior feedback
  • MiX ReportMyDriving – Hotline service
  • MyMiX – Driver engagement & task management platform
  • MiX Talk – Hands-free communication
  • MiX Rovi – Improve driver communication
  • MiX Mobileye – Prevent and reduce collisions
  • MiX Sat Comms – Reliable, global satellite communication
  • MiX Panic Button – In the event of an emergency
  • MiX Driver Identification – Control access to vehicles
  • MiX Trailer Tracking – Mobile asset location management
  • Fuel Management & MiX Fuel Security solutions
  • Driver Performance Management – Monitor, improve and reward good driving behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a fleet management system work?
A discrete, GPS-enabled computer is installed in your vehicle that is capable of reading location, direction, speed and more. MiX Telematics’ powerful software receives this data and aggregates it into usable intelligence to provide fleet operators with the information they need about their fleet, historically and in real time.
How do you manage a fleet of vehicles?
Once your vehicle embarks on a job, it’s difficult to know exactly how it is used and what happens to it on the road. By implementing a fleet management system, fleet owners can remotely track and monitor their vehicles and drivers and improve their operation efficiency and profitability.
What is the purpose of fleet management?
The objective of fleet management is to improve the safety, efficiency, performance and compliance of vehicles and drivers in a fleet. Fleet management doesn’t only pinpoint where assets are and have been, it also allows fleet operators to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle utilisation and to lower overall operating costs.
How can fleet management be improved?
With advanced, reliable and secure telematics data about a fleet’s vehicles and drivers, operators can improve their overall fleet management and improve the productivity and profitability of their operation.

Our Vision:

MiX Telematics aims to be the leading global provider of information and related services for mobile assets.

Our strategy is to create a profitable, cash generative business by expanding our recurring revenue model through our worldwide distribution network.

With significant critical mass, a global footprint, a large subscriber base and a history of operating successfully in international markets, we are ideally positioned to take full advantage of significant international and local growth opportunities.

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