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Real-time vehicle tracking at your fingertips

With MiX Telematics’ comprehensive tracking solutions you can gain full visibility of your fleet in real-time and track its performance historically. This ensures your fleet is operating optimally, always.

Whether you’re looking to bolster driver safety, refine route planning, improve customer service or prevent theft — vehicle tracking technology is essential. 

MiX’s GPS tracking solutions make monitoring vehicles and drivers across the globe simple with an easy-to-use online platform, accessible from your laptop or your cellphone.  

MiX Telematics offers vehicle tracking solutions for both privately owned and business-owned vehicles. Learn more about our privately owned vehicle tracking solutions, Matrix and Beame.  

If you manage business-owned vehicles, MiX Telematics offers fleet owners multiple vehicle tracking options to suit your needs, read more about our Essential and Premium fleet management solutions. 

Vehicle tracking streamlines operations, improves the utilisation of assets, and increases overall fleet safety. 

Key features

Real-time tracking
Easily track fleet activities and performance to better manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and more.
Activity timeline
Gain constant access into information on your fleet’s activity. Vehicle tracking systems offer insight into driver and vehicle behaviour.
Location management
Monitor where your fleet is on its route, in real-time and historically. Reroute drivers to avoid traffic or accidents, for more optimal route planning.
Data Reporting
Receive clear-cut data and reports on your vehicle and driver performance. Use this data to troubleshoot and improve your daily operations.


A GPS tracking device works by connecting to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, which is a network of satellites that emit microwave signals that travel through various Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices.
All GPS tracking devices have these four components:
  • GPS Satellite
  • A vehicle with GPS Tracking Device
  • Wireless Network
  • GPS Servers

Once a GPS tracking device is installed it gathers information regarding vehicle behaviours, such as speed, idling time, engine diagnostics, and more. It uses the GPS to continually track the vehicles. The information gathered is initially stored in the device and transmitted over a wireless network back to a server. 

The server allows fleet managers to access the information through a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This information can then be displayed on a map, capturing information on the vehicle's travels, speed, and more.  

All the data gathering is done in the background, so fleet managers can log in and set up automated reports and alerts based on the information that they choose is important and relevant. 


Improved fleet safety

Vehicle tracking can benefit both your drivers and your vehicles.

By monitoring fleet behaviours — like speeding or harsh braking, fleet managers can improve the overall safety of their fleet.

Reduced theft & unauthorised asset usage

Vehicle theft and the unauthorised use of assets can pose a real threat to operational efficiency and your bottom line.

Vehicle tracking solutions can help deter thieves and reduce recovery time if a vehicle is stolen.

Moreover, tracking can reduce the misuse of vehicles and assets by tracking any movement outside of set locations or after working hours.

Optimal asset utilisation

Track and monitor whether your assets are being under- or overutilised.

This is done by capturing travel time between jobs, arrival and departure times and trip duration.

Additionally, you can note any delays on route or if your driver takes any unanticipated detours.

Better fleet compliance

Vehicle tracking gives you a comprehensive view of vehicle and driver behaviours, helping you guarantee that your fleet is meeting all compliance regulations.

Lower maintenance costs

With a vehicle tracking solution fleet managers can set up alerts based on time or mileage and schedule maintenance accordingly.

By taking predictive measures, you ensure your fleet functions optimally with minimum downtime.

Improved route planning

Utilising vehicle tracking technology helps optimise your fleet’s routes, which can have a knock on effect on your business’ efficiency.

This solution can help you choose quicker routes, save fuel and redirect your drivers to avoid traffic or accidents on the road, bolstering fleet efficiency and safety

Reduced fuel consumption

As vehicle tracking technology assists with route planning, it helps you find quicker routes, ensuring less fuel is used and jobs are completed timeously.

This solution also monitors vehicle and driver behaviour, helping to eradicate fuel wasting behaviours, like excessive idling

Detailed performance reports

Vehicle tracking devices monitor fleet performance and store this data so it is easily accessible on multiple devices.

Fleet managers can view information regarding vehicle performance, and set-up alerts and reports based on key metrics.


Regardless of your fleet’s type or size, utilising a tracking solution will help you keep a close eye on its daily and historical activity. This helps to improve the overall safety, security, efficiency, and productivity of your fleet.
Vehicle tracking would be an asset to the following industries:
  • Public Utilities
  • Public Transportation
  • Consumer Goods
  • Rental and Leasing
  • Landscaping companies
  • Pest Control companies
  • Police and Emergency Services
  • Security companies
  • Security companies
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Government vehicles
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Mining
Per month, MiX Telematics records around 300 million events, generated from approximately 313 million kilometers driven. Fleet data is accessible 24 hours a day.

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