MiX Telematics and Trillion Trees team up again

Trillion Trees is a self-funded, non-profit organisation that relies on donations from sponsors, donors, the surrounding community, and corporate volunteers.

MiX Telematics and Trillion Trees team up again to actively work towards achieving the goal of planting a trillion trees

SusTheir primary aim is to plant as many trees as possible to restore degraded land, support biodiversity and encourage the growth of healthy trees canopies in urban and rural settings.

At MiX Telematics, we constantly strive to give back to our community through our company’s social and environmental activities that align with our business purposes and values. Not only are we committed to helping save lives through improving road safety, but we also want to do our part in saving the planet! MiX Telematics endeavours to be good corporate citizens as it is part of our corporate governance, and we take extra care when it comes to reducing the impact of our activities within the community. Being corporate partners with not-for-profit environmental organisations, including Trillion Trees, helps us achieve this.

MiX Telematics participated in this tree planting corporate social responsibility initiative again this year by planting over 2,000 different native Australian trees. MiX Telematics has every intentions to continue their efforts to restore biodiversity and combat climate change. Being involved in this and other similar projects is a great opportunity for MiX Telematics to give back to the local community and in the process support Trillion Trees in achieving their goal of planting 350 million trees within Western Australian communities.

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