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At MiX, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative, imaginative, and inventive technologies. We are all eager to see our ideas contribute to the products we create, and how our creations improve customers’ lives and businesses. We are Titans of Industry in fleet management, and we strive to keep it that way.

We are incredibly excited to announce that MiX i3 will be returning in 2024!

MiX i3 is an internal innovation competition designed to provide a platform for our people to showcase their great ideas. The goal is to encourage everyone to bring your great ideas to light.

This event is a cornerstone of MiX culture, so we want to encourage you all to put forward your ideas and help us bring MiX i3 back to life for another year. The level of participation in this contest will determine its success - any idea is worthy and could be the next big thing that sets us apart from our competitors.


The competition will culminate in an off-site event which all CSO will be invited to attend. Each team will be given a few minutes to present before re-joining the audience to watch the other teams’ presentations.

How you would like to demonstrate your concepts to the audience is entirely up to you!

Event Details

  • The event is set to take place in March 2024 (TBC)

Last years event

    Last years winners

    • The Tony Stark Mixer

      MiX Evo

      • Christo Snyman
      • Alfred Kidd
      • Sizaan Greyling
      • Jako de Wet


      • Jono Makepeace
      • Jacques van Wyk
      • Peter Futter
      • Richard Marsh
      • Arnold Visser
    • The Mr Spock Mixer

      Team Thunderstruck

      • Ross Haupt
      • Edwin Loubser

      Team Winston

      • Winston Arendse
    • The Deadpool Mixer

      Mix Air

      • Eddie Oosthuizen
      • Johan Grobbelaar
      • Timothy Butler
      • Chad Singlee
      • Edwin Loubser
    • The Dexter Mixer

      The Imagineers

      • Lauren van der Vyver
      • Shawn Hancock
      • Lizette Akker
      • Rudolf du Toit
      • Daina Eadie
    • The Yoda Mixer


      • Jono Makepeace
      • Jacques van Wyk
      • Peter Futter
      • Richard Marsh
      • Arnold Visser
    If you missed it or would like to watch the event again you can watch it here:


    The competition is open to anyone, not just Engineers & Developers but Testers, Product Owners, Finance, Marketing, and Support – everyone who wants to be involved!

    Team size can be between 1 and 9 people. You are entirely free to determine the makeup of your team, but we’d like to encourage diversity.


    Concepts must be applicable to the industry. If you have an idea that you think could be a winning concept, you need to register for the competition by emailing Russell Simmonds and include the following details:


    The name of your concept and a brief description


    An explanation of why you believe your concept would be beneficial to MiX Telematics


    Your team name


    The names of members of your team

    Soon after registration, Russell and the team will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your concept. This will also help us understand how much time your team will need to develop your idea into a concept that can be demonstrated.

    We’ll accommodate as much time as reasonably possible for your team to work on your concept.


    There will be 4 awards you could win, and you may even win all 4 if your idea is worthy!

    • There will be a cash prize for each award to be shared equally amongst members of winning teams.
    • The team's name and members will be listed on a plaque of honor which will be mounted in the office.
    • Each award-winning team member will get a trophy polo shirt unique to each award, which they can wear to work with pride!
    • Most importantly, you win bragging rights!
    • Other MiX SWAG to be announced at the event.


    The concept that is the best in all measures.

    Given to the wisest and brightest among us.

    This award carries a R50 000 cash prize for the team.


    The concept that has the most potential to be a game changer for our business.

    This team does not fit the mold, they think outside the box to develop extraordinary ideas.

    This award carries a R30 000 cash prize for the team.


    The concept that would be the fastest and most affordable to realize with the lowest risk.

    This team may seem to favor simplicity, but the interesting thing about them is that their logic ensures they come up with highly attainable ideas.

    This award carries a R30 000 cash prize for the team.


    The most ‘out there’ concept.

    This team’s idea may appear too weird to work at first, but therein lies the brilliance!

    This award carries a R30 000 cash prize for the team.

    Perhaps this year, you too will join our league of champions as Titans of Industry.


    This annual initiative is an opportunity to put your ideas on stage for all of MiX Telematics to see. The event will be streamed and recorded so that we can share the presentations with anyone throughout the business for maximum visibility - who knows what it could lead to!

    At the very least, we will get to show off what we are capable of and have fun doing so!


    How/when will we allow people time to work on this?
    When you register your concept, we will discuss how much time is needed. Within reason and as far as we can accommodate, we will provide time during working hours.
    How in-line with current project work can the innovation project be?
    It can’t be the same, but if you have innovative angles or boosters to what you’re currently working on, that would be acceptable.
    Will we be able to revive an old project?
    Yes, however, it must have an innovative angle.
    Can someone be in only one team if they are approached by different teams?
    You can only be a part of one team; however, this will run annually, giving you time to contribute to a new idea each year.
    Must the projects be customer-facing, or can we create tools to make our internal work easier?
    As long as the idea benefits the company in any way, it is acceptable.
    If I have a concept, but not necessarily the resources to bring this to reality, would this still be eligible?
    We have various departments at MiX with all the people and resources we imagine you will need. If you feel that you need additional resources, discuss this with Russell.
    Do we need to build a working model of the concept?
    You need to demonstrate proof of concept and functionality, whether that be through digital, physical, mechanical, electronic prototypes, or a combination of them. Present your concept however you think you can best display what your innovation does.