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Fleet Management

A solution that brings you results

Connected & protected fleet management

Implementing a fleet management solution
is the foundation of any safe, efficient fleet.
The vehicle and driver data it collects allows fleet managers,
owners and supervisors to make good decisions, offer relevant
driver training, safeguard their fleet against risk and improve
where it’s needed, exactly when it’s needed.


Developed on more than 25 years of telematics’ expertise, MiX Fleet Manager is best-in-class for innovation and data that meets your fleet’s requirements.
Our customers from around the world agree: Whatever the goal – be it to save fuel, improve safety, increase utilisation or enhance customer service – MiX Fleet Manager Premium is proven to deliver significant results to your current operations.

Tangible results for your fleet

Return on Investment
5 :1
Fuel Saving
8 %
Maintenance Cost
-10 %
Collision Reduction
-30 %
Insurance Reduction
-15 %
Productivity Improvement
10 %

What can our fleet management solutions
do for you?

Live tracking

Live tracking

Gain real-time visibility of all your fleet's vehicle and driver activities and receive instant notifications. Driver management fleet tracking allows you to send the right driver to the right job, recover stolen vehicles more easily, restrict unauthorised movements, deliver higher levels of customer service, reduce cargo theft, protect drivers in high-risk areas and improve overall fleet productivity.
Driver safety analysis

Driver safety analysis

Monitor risky and inefficient driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, excessive idling and more. Assign safety scores to your drivers to determine which of them need to improve their driving behaviour and provide them with relevant training. This risk management system leads to a safer fleet with a decreased accident risk and reduces vehicle wear-and-tear that lowers fleet vehicle maintenance costs.
Real-time driver feedback

Real-time driver feedback

Direct, constant communication with drivers is important as they are the heartbeat of a fleet. Providing visual and audible alerts to drivers about their behaviour on the road gives you the power to intervene before accidents happen and drivers control of their performance.
Route planning & management

Route planning & management

Is your fleet driving more kilometres than they need to? Are they taking the most efficient routes? Is customer service suffering due to on-road delays? Monitor the exact routes your fleet is taking and analyse exactly where journeys can be optimised. Group jobs in the same location together to minimise drive time and, plan ahead to avoid traffic and roads under construction.
Fuel usage monitoring

Fuel usage monitoring

Fleet management solutions monitor average, per-day and per-vehicle fuel consumption. It analyses exactly which behaviours are increasing fuel usage, such as idling time. On top of this, you can calculate how much environmentally-damaging gases your fleet is emitting so you put an action plan in place to minimise impact.
AI-powered video

AI-powered video

Collecting and utilising visual evidence within your fleet has numerous benefits including reducing accidents, protecting against false insurance claims, optimising fleet efficiency, preventing theft and damage, reducing insurance costs and a tool for targeted driver training. Our video solution is combined with AI and ADAS technology (that monitors fatigue, distracted driving, seatbelt usage and more), and your fleet’s safety and efficiency potential increases drastically.

What our customers have to say

  • Cardiff Bus

    Fleet size: 220 vehicles

    "The ongoing partnership, support and services that MiX provide is the key to this project's continuing success."

    - Gareth mole, engineering director
  • Damman Transport Logistique et Organisations (DTLO)

    Connected Vehicles: 60 vehicles

    "With MiX Telematics we have achieved greater operational control in our Logistics Operations. The detailed analysis and fully customisable reports that MiX Telematics provides has helped us monitor and improve both road safety and transport efficiency."

    - Philippe Damman, Group Managing Director, DTLO
  • Wincanton

    Fleet size: 1700 vehicles

    "Safety is Wincanton's number 1 priority. MiX understands our objective to improve our drivers' behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools to help with behavioural change and we've already seen significant efficiency savings."

    - Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director, Wincanton


Partnership award

Brake, a global road safety charity campaigning for road safety and sustainable road transport awarded MiX Telematics with Fleet Safety Partnership Award

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