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GPS Tracking
For Fleets

Real-time monitoring of your drivers and vehicles

Connect and Protect your Fleet

Get full visibility of all fleet activities with hardware that monitors movements on a map in both real-time and historically. Gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data by simply logging on to an easy-to-navigate online platform - via your laptop or phone.

View detailed, customisable reports on crucial fleet data including asset utilisation, driving hours, driving events (including speeding and idling), fuel consumption, maintenance, licensing and much more.

With the data that GPS Fleet Tracking offers, you can:

  • Reduce accident risk
    Reduce accident risk within your fleet by observing unsafe driving behaviours.
  • Detect over- or underutilisation of vehicles and equipment
    Detect over- or underutilisation of vehicles and equipment.
  • Recover stolen vehicles
    Recover stolen vehicles or other assets more easily.
  • Identify misuse of company property
    Identify misuse of company property.
  • Lower insurance and operational costs
    Lower insurance and operational costs (such as fuel consumption).
  • Improve customer service
    Improve customer service provision through improved route planning.

Tracking Solutions

Vehicle and Driver Tracking

  • Plug 'N Play

    Plug 'N Play - OBDII

    An easy-to-use plug ‘n play device that you can self-install. Track fleet activities and get daily notifications about fleet performance to manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and more.

    A user-friendly, plug-and-play device that allows for effortless self-installation. Keep tabs on your fleet's activities and receive daily notifications regarding its performance. Effectively manage trips, reduce fuel expenses, monitor driver behaviour, and much more.

    • Easy Installation: Connect device to OBDII port
    • Flat Subscription fee: One-time payment for all services
    • No Installation Cost: No additional fees for setup
  • MiX Mobile

    MiX Mobile

    Track, protect and review your vehicles and drivers via your mobile device , ideal for people on the move.

    MiX Mobile is designed to accommodate the full range of MiX Telematics’ fleet management products, making key fleet status updates available at your fingertips. Now tracking your vehicles is easier than ever.

    • Vehicle Status: Track your vehicles’ location, activity and speed on-the-go
    • Mapping for every need: Zoom in and out on maps that include street, satellite and hybrid views
    • Historical Tracking: Historical trip information is available for the past 48 hours
    • Multiple Languages: Available in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Original/Simplified Chinese

Driver Monitoring Solutions

  • MyMiX Tracking

    MyMiX Tracking

    MyMiX Tracking is a ground-breaking, app-based fleet management for your non-core vehicles.

    Ensure that your drivers are safe and efficient with the robust capabilities of MyMiX Tracking's app-based power. No installation or hardware required, all you need is to download the app onto your mobile phone.

    • Easy Installation: No hardware needed
    • No Installation Cost: Self-installation with no downtime
    • Simple Integration: Companion driver engagement app available
  • MyMiX - Driver’s App

    MyMiX - Driver’s App

    Engaged drivers improve performance and fleet safety, reducing accidents. Safer driving lowers fuel and maintenance costs by minimising wear and tear.

    The task management add-on module enhances communication and efficiency with job scheduling, two-way messaging, tracking, navigation, and electronic forms.

    • Scoring and ranking: Score analysis is provided on a daily and weekly basis, along with a six-month trend analysis. Drivers can easily assess their ranking relative to their site and organisation.
    • Events: Recorded driving events, including speeding and harsh braking, are accessible with map visualisation.
    • Communication with mobile workers: Broadcast messages to either single or all mobile workers at any time.
    • Multiple vehicle visibility and comparisons: Drivers can access scores and details for multiple vehicles they have driven, including performance and fuel consumption variances. They can also compare their driving style to other drivers who operated the same vehicle.
    • Supervisor reporting: Supervisors can access driver login activity reports to track driver engagement.
  • MiX Vision AI

    MiX Vision AI

    MiX Vision is an AI-powered dashcam system that provides real-time, in-cab alerts for drivers and fleet managers to detect and prevent risky driving behaviours that lead to collisions.

    • Road-facing Camera: The road-facing camera detects AI events whilst on the road including collision warning, lane departure and following distance.
    • Fatigue Camera: Used in conjunction with the dual-facing camera system, the fatigue camera is deployed to detect signs of driver fatigue. Driver safety is improved with real-time, in-cab alerts that detect signs of fatigue.
    • Dual-facing Camera: The dual-camera dashcam that identifies risky driving behaviour, including unsignaled lane departure, imminent forward collision, unsafe following distance, driver fatigue, distraction, smoking, and mobile phone usage.
    • AI Driving Coach: The AI Driving Coach guides drivers in real-time with unobtrusive visual alerts

Asset Tracking

Wired and Wireless Solutions

  • Oyster 2

    Oyster 2

    MiX Oyster 2 is a simple, wireless solution that tracks your most valuable assets, using the precise GPS location from an internal antenna.

    When asset movement is detected, MiX Oyster2 starts gathering the GPS point of the asset every 2 minutes, giving operators access to an uninterrupted data stream regarding their assets’ activity.

    • Battery powered
    • Smaller battery for compact size
    • Movement based tracking
  • Remora 2

    Remora 2

    Remora2 is an advanced wireless tracker designed to cater to the monitoring of non-powered assets. With its GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, it provides a comprehensive asset tracking solution.

    • Battery powered
    • Larger battery for long-lasting battery life
    • Movement-based tracking
  • AT1340


    The AT1340 is a cutting-edge GSM/GPRS device that seamlessly connects directly to the asset's power source.

    • Wired power with a rechargeable internal battery
    • Alerts for over-speeding, power disconnect, low vehicle batter and low internal battery
    • Water-resistant

Safety and Cost-saving Outcomes

Collision Reduction
Insurance Reduction
Productivity Improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

How MiX Telematics’ GPS Tracking Works
  • How Does MiX Telematics GPS Tracking Work?

    MiX Telematics GPS tracking employs advanced GPS devices installed in vehicles or assets. These devices gather data such as location, speed, distance travelled, and more. The data is then transmitted via cellular networks to the MiX Fleet Manager SaaS platform, providing users with real-time visibility, historic data and telematics’ insights into their fleet's operations.

The Benefits of MiX’s GPS Tracking Solutions
  • What Are The Benefits Of MiX Telematics GPS Tracking?

    MiX Telematics GPS tracking offers several benefits, including efficient fleet management, improved driver safety through reliable tracking, optimised fleet performance from enhanced tracking data that GPS monitoring provides, and subsequent fuel savings from effective driver behaviour monitoring of events such as speeding, and harsh acceleration. In addition, fleet managers also benefit from optimised route planning, accurate reporting, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Asset Tracking with MiX Telematics’ GPS
  • Can I Track Assets Other Than Vehicles?

    Yes, MiX Telematics GPS tracking is not limited to vehicles. You can also track non-powered assets, such as trailers, containers, equipment, and more, using specialised tracking devices that are fit-for-purpose.

Integration and Customisation
Remote Monitoring and Reporting
  • Can I Monitor My Fleet Remotely Using GPS Tracking?

    Yes. MiX Telematics GPS Tracking provides real-time visibility into your fleet's activities from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access the information through the MiX Fleet Manager platform either via desktop or our integrated mobile app.

  • What Types Of Reports And Analytics Are Available With GPS Tracking?

    MiX Telematics offers a range of reports and analytics that provide insights into various aspects of your fleet's performance, including driver behaviour, fuel consumption, trip history, vehicle utilisation, and maintenance schedules, to mention a few.

Tracking Device Options
  • What Types Of Tracking Devices Does MiX Telematics Offer?

    We offer a range of tracking devices designed to cater to diverse fleet needs. From wired devices to wireless options, as well as some offering self-install options too. Our devices are engineered to provide consistent and accurate data transmission, no matter the requirement or use case.

Durability and Sustainability for Fleets

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