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App Based GPS Fleet Tracking

To track temporary, non-core vehicles while still gathering vital driver behaviour and efficiency data, mobile fleet management using an app is the way to go.
In 2020, there were 8.9 million mobile apps in existence worldwide, an 18% jump from 2019.

About the E-Book

In this e-book on app-based tracking, we briefly explore:

  • What GPS tracking is and its uses
  • The benefits of GPS tracking
  • What app-based tracking is
  • Who should use app-based tracking
  • The benefits of mobile fleet management
App based GPS fleet tracking - Did you know?
Installing telematics hardware is essential if you want a fleet that is efficient, safe and compliant. However, it’s not always practical or cost-effective to do so in vehicles that are not a part of your core fleet or are only in your fleet temporarily.
Contact MiX Telematics to discuss how we can solve your fleet management problems and increase efficiency, sustainability, security, compliance and safety.