Rental and leasing companies rely on MiX Telematics to boost customer service, efficiency and safety.

Fleet Solutions for the Rental and Leasing Industry

Having a clear view of vehicle locations, information on mileage, and insight into how vehicles are being driven enables Rental and Leasing operators to boost their performance. Better service and more efficient operations help customers to save costs and lessen business risk.

By understanding the needs of a leasing company and their end-customer, MiX Telematics has identified some key features of interest to the industry.
Fleet Solutions for the Rental and Leasing Industry

These include:

  • Objective, transparent odometer (mileage) reporting.
  • Integration into back-end systems, through secure web and mobile applications.
  • Trip and vehicle utilization reports.
  • Driver identification.
  • Tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Vehicle error and trip reports.

Fleet management tools developed by MiX Telematics have long been relied on by Rental and Leasing businesses. Proven results boost the bottom line, facilitate sustainable improvement and add value to existing service offerings.

Effective fleet management for
rental and leasing

Save money on fuel costs and boost driver efficiency and safety.

When you own or manage a rental or leasing fleet, your vehicles are your livelihood. You need to know where they are and keep them on the road. With MiX Telematics GPS tracking fleet management solutions, you get access to an easy-to-use, organized system that keeps track of every car, van, and truck in your fleet. You’ll know where your vehicles are, and since you can access this information from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, get this information no matter where you are.

While car lease fleet management has many challenges, locating and maintaining your vehicles doesn’t have to be on the list. Rental fleet management software can help you with:

  • Vehicle and equipment theft recovery
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Invoicing and billing

If your vehicle or equipment rental and leasing company is facing these business challenges, MiX Telematics can help.

Recover Lost or Stolen Vehicles with GPS Tracking

The reality is that vehicle and equipment rental companies have more risk for theft than other industries. This makes keeping track of your vehicles and equipment at all times a high priority for your business.

Losing just one vehicle means tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue, not only as you try to recover the vehicle, but if, in the end, you have to replace it. The same goes for equipment. GPS tracking can tell you where your vehicles are and alert you when your equipment moves from one place to another. This lets you act quickly to recover your assets.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Rental fleet management software with GPS tracking has improved vehicle maintenance management with automated alerts that let you know when a vehicle needs service. You can set alarms to remind you of regular, preventive maintenance as well as monitor vehicle health, so you know when an “unexpected” issue occurs and take care of it before it gets worse. Both these features let you plan for downtime so you don’t lose profits if a vehicle is unexpectedly out of commission.

Invoice and Billing Accuracy

In addition to knowing when repairs are needed, knowing the exact amount of hours your equipment is in use will help keep your invoices and billing accurate. You can bill customers based on the runtime of the equipment or vehicle, eliminating the need to bill by the hour, half-day, or day, or by the odometer reading when the vehicle or equipment is returned to you. GPS tracking can automate the manual process of keeping track of miles and usage.

No matter if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can recover stolen equipment or vehicles, better maintenance that can extend the life of your vehicles, or better billing accuracy, MiX Telematics can give you these benefits and more.

Benefits of MiX Telematics Leasing and Rental Fleet Management Software

With MiX Telematics, you can easily get access to mileage data, engine diagnostics, and optimize your billing. You can customize dynamic dashboard reports so that you can review and analyze your data by sorting and filtering for the exact metric you want.

  • Keep track of vehicles and easily locate them
  • Create maintenance reminders and alerts
  • Get accurate mileage and fuel information when vehicles are returned
  • Lower insurance costs with collision management
  • Monitor battery life and engine diagnostics to avoid unexpected breakdowns

Mix Telematics rental fleet management software gives you the ability to automate processes that ensure timely maintenance of your fleet. So, how does automation improve fleet maintenance?

When you only repair your fleet’s vehicles when they breakdown, you are instantly behind the eight ball. You may have a schedule for maintenance, but your vehicles may not follow it, depending on how and under what conditions they are driven.

By automating alerts that tell you when it is time for preventive maintenance, you can schedule your vehicle maintenance on your terms. In addition, you can also set up alerts for predictive maintenance based on information about the current condition of your vehicles. With preventative and predictive maintenance, you can:

  • Schedule technicians when it is convenient for your fleet.
  • Flag trends of failure in specific vehicle types and use this information to decide what types of vehicles to buy in the future.
  • Get proof for claims against the warranty if parts wear out too quickly and you have to submit a claim.
  • Prevent parts from wearing out prematurely and damaging other parts.
  • Track whether technicians are repairing and maintaining vehicles properly.

Car lease fleet management telematics software keeps track of all of the criteria such as engine hours and fuel consumption that fleet managers need to practice preventative and predictive maintenance.

How Does MiX Telematics Help Keep You on Top of Your Maintenance

Rental fleet management software gives you many ways to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. Firstly, you can pull daily and weekly reports on the status of each vehicle. Secondly, you can get notifications based on dates you select, such as mileage or a predetermined engine-related milestone.

For instance, if you’re using battery voltage as a parameter, you can be alerted when the voltage falls lower than a specified level while the vehicle is in use, or you can be alerted on a predetermined date to check or replace the battery. No matter what parameter you choose, car lease fleet management software can help set up and keep to a schedule with alerts based on past performance and current needs of you fleet.

Additional Benefits of MiX Telematics Rental Fleet Management Software

MiX Telematics helps you increase efficiency with:

  • Real-time fuel and odometer information lets you streamline the check-in process, reducing errors from manual input, and increasing revenue capture.
  • Asset protection with GPS tracking, geofencing, towing alerts, theft, and other fraud reduction tools.
  • Proactive vehicle utilization with idle inventory exception reporting, offsite lot management, and real-time vehicle location reporting.

Take Control of Your Non-Vehicle Rental Assets

If your company rents or leases equipment to other companies, you need to be able to keep track of your assets. Wherever they are, you’ll know exactly where your equipment and other assets are and how they are being used. You can:

  • Maximize revenue
  • Minimize costs
  • Streamline processes

We offer a wired tracker, a wireless battery operated tracker, and a low-cost wireless locater that can help you keep track of your assets, view detailed trip replays and distance traveled.

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Save money on fuel costs and boost driver efficiency and safety.

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