MiX Telematics helps OOCEP put safety first

06 June 2016, Dubai, UAE – MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, has made impressive progress with its customer, the Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC (OOCEP), by significantly improving their overall fleet safety. The telematics solution, implemented in collaboration with regional partner Fleet Management Systems International (FMSi), is installed in 72 vehicles and has brought about positive results in a short period of time.

"The OOCEP project has been a real success story due to various factors," said David Nicholls, Head of Sales & Marketing Middle East. "Firstly, a thorough and honest analysis of where improvements were needed took place. Secondly, we jointly executed a comprehensive implementation and on-boarding programme ensuring that the maximum value would be derived from the solution. Finally, focus was placed on understanding the data coming from the MiX solution and ensuring that it is conveyed to those in a position to make changes within OOCEP's operations. "

OOCEP was particularly keen to reduce their dangerously high 'near-miss' incidents, which were placing the company, its drivers and other road users at unnecessary risk. Additionally, they had an urgent need to reduce unauthorised trips, which were a contributing factor to their high number of incidents.

FMSi implemented a MiX SafeDrive solution for OOCEP, which incorporates an In-Vehicle-Monitoring-System (IVMS) and a web-based fleet management platform. Through the implementation and training programme, they were able to identify and alert drivers of risky driving practices, such as speeding, harsh acceleration, or harsh braking - giving them the means to improve their driving style in real-time. The solution also includes MiX Vision, an in-cab video monitoring system which provides video clips of both the road and the driver cab should an incident occur.

Mr. Nasser Al Yaarubi, Head of Resilience at OOCEP said: "As part of OOCEP's commitment to continuous improvement in HSE management and especially in road safety, we have implemented many controls over the years. One of such controls is deploying a tool to monitor driving performance in our operations and inculcate positive driving behaviour amongst our personnel. MiX Telematics and FMSi are our partners who have helped us adopt a proactive approach and enabled us to maintain a strong road safety culture."

They have seen remarkable results since implementation with their potential accident rates reducing from 70% to 0%, the number of speeding incidents from 700 to 0 and achieving a 0% major violation rate, just to name a few.

"Professional IVMS services with continuous driver feedback sessions based on accurate reports as well as adopting the latest telemetry technologies to improve driver behaviour such as MiX Vision, has helped OOECP management to minimize road hazards, improve the contractor's road safety measures, and achieve safe driving targets," added Dr. Waseem Atiah, COO, FMSi.

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